TV Show Challenge

Pick your top 5 shows, and answer the following questions.

1. Buffy

2. Ringer

3. The Secret Circle

4. Supernatural

5. The Big Bang Theory


1. Who is your favorite character in 2?


2. Who is your least favorite character in 1?


3. What’s your favorite episode of 4?

There's too many...

4. What is your favorite season of 5?

Season 3.

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3?

Diana and Adam, I think.

6. Who is your anti relationship in 2?

Siobhan and all her boyfriends...

7. How long have you watched 1?

For about 13 years, all episodes, over and over again.

8. How did you become interested in 3?

I love witchcraft and all things witches!

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2?

Sarah Michelle Gellar or Zoey Deutch.

10. Which show do you prefer 1, 2, or 5?

I put on 1st for a reason... BUFFY numero uno, gracias!

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3?

Buffy of course, 7 seasons over TSC's 1 season?

12. If you could be anyone from 4 who would you be?

Preferably no one... if I have to choose - one of the bitch queen demons.

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?

Cordelia... well, she did die, but I'd prefer her to die by old age instead.

14. Would a 4/5 crossover work?

LMAO Big Bang Theory and Supernatural, actually I think it could work, it would so funny!

15. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple:

Maybe... Angel and Willow. I remember her quote "Ours is a forbidden love" after he's sneak into her bedroom.

16. Over all, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5?

BBT has an older and Emmy-awarded cast, it's obvious they are better actors. The youngsters in TSC have great potential and I like them a lot.

17. Which show has a better soundtrack, 1, 4 or 5?

Tough one! Not BBT, but Buffy and Supernatural has great music. But Buffy's the best...

1 Emma:


Synd att tre av dina favoritserier inte finns längre :(

2 Ammey:


Mina är nog 1. 90210 2. The Vampire Diaries 3. Grays Anatomy 4. One Tree Hill 5. Scrubs Kram xoxo Ammeey

3 Erik:


Cool. Jag avgudar Supernatural.

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